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IQ is a leader in innovation with high quality laser machining, chemistry experts, and a strong focus on research and development


Analytical Chemistry

InnovaQuartz manufactures fused quarts components, capillary and devices for analytical chemistry and bioanalytical instrumentation using the most appropriate glass chemistries available for each task. The capillary products are currently limited to fluoroacrylate coated fused silica (bare or ETFE buffered) for low temperature and annular waveguide applications and are dimensionally more reproducible than other available capillary.


Components are precisely formed by lasers to preserve inherently low reactivity and activity and offer the highest reproducibility and lowest dead volumes in the industry. IQ welcomes partnerships in developing additional applications for our proprietary technologies with goals of producing HPLC columns and SPME cartridges based upon the 3D capillary in addition to trace gas monitoring using annular waveguide technology.

Analyticl Chemistry
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