Who We Are

InnovaQuartz is a design and manufacturing company that interlinks industries by combining innovative laser technology with fused quartz and silica raw material. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and an industry leader for nearly 25 years, IQ continues to provide products and services to the optics and instruments communities that are technologically unmatched and competitively priced. IQ employs a facility that takes production from the very first to the final steps of the manufacturing process by using fused quartz and silica components, sub-assemblies, and complete products for applications in medicine (laser surgery & diagnostics), analytical chemistry (separation sciences & spectroscopy), and industrial and military photonics. 

IQ continues to build on its vast knowledge and experience in product design, prototype development, and large-scale manufacturing. As a result, research and development remains a top priority as InnovaQuartz moves forward. Its scientists, engineers, and technicians are experts in the application of fiber optics for high-energy density applications, spectroscopy in hostile environments, as well as capillary gas chromatography.

Customer Focus

Focus on customers’ needs to allow the company to better understand and exceed expectations.

Service Driven

Deliver an industry leading array of value-added products and services desired by our customers.

Best Quality

Strive for continual quality improvements to all aspects of the company’s operations.


Our History

InnovaQuartz, Inc. was founded by current CTO, Stephen Griffin, in 1991. IQ’s earliest products were for gas chromatography, which still make up a portion of IQ’s current business model.  Mr. Griffin developed the first fused quartz press-fit unions to be made with a CO2 laser (instead of a torch) and the first fused quartz Y-splitters.  More products followed in the field of analytical chemistry before IQ introduced medical devices and bulk, specialty fiber optics.



In 2002, Brian Barr joined IQ as its President and CEO, and by 2006, InnovaQuartz held a dozen patents with a half-dozen patents pending. Later that year, IQ was sold to Laserscope Surgical Systems, only to see Laserscope purchased by American Medical Systems (AMS) shortly thereafter.  Barr and Griffin re-launched InnovaQuartz in 2013, after a five year non-compete ended.  Since then, IQ has re-established itself as a company focused on improved products and innovation.