Maximizes the capture, collima­tion, and delivery of high quality
hol­mium energy in laser
lithotripsy surgery

ProFlex LLF

In 2014, InnovaQuartz' branded Pulsar™ HPC technology was integrated with a high performance optical fiber to produce the newest holmium fiber for lithotripsy and litholysis: ProFlexLLF.

IQ offers the ProFlex LLF in five sizes: a true 200-micron core in LLF200, a 273-micron in LLF273, a 365-micron in LLF365, a 550-micron in LLF550, and a large core 1000-micron in LLF1000.  IQ’s ProFlexLLF replaces its SureFlexand AccuFlexfrom more than a decade ago, once again setting the standard for performance in holmium laser fibers.

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