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The Gold 
Standard in

Laser Surgery

Medical professionals rely on IQ’s surgical lasers and devices for performance at the highest level of accuracy and precision


Medical professionals around the United States and Europe look to InnovaQuartz for its groundbreaking Pulsar HPC technology and the highest performing holmium optical fibers. This combination has revolutionized laser lithotripsy procedures.

InnovaQuartz first started its mission to resolve the issue of harmful energy via spatial overfill over 20 years ago, and its solution was the Black Hole: the first tapered and quartz ferrule reinforced connector. Lithotripsy fibers equipped with the Black Hole became known as SureFlex. In 2013, InnovaQuartz set out on a rigorous R&D mission to improve collimation while resolving not only spatial overfill but also angular overfill. Two years of extensive research produced the Pulsar HPC that is the key to ProFlex LLF performance.

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