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Research & Development

With many decades of experience in CO2 laser micromachining of glass, InnovaQuartz is uniquely suited to solve your application issues.  Materials we typically work with include clear fused quartz and silica including tubing, capillary and optical fiber from 100 microns to 6 mm in diameter.  Processing operations include cutting, welding, shaping, and polishing using 4-axis CNC controlled workstations.  In addition, a scanning head is available to laser mark, engrave, and cut various materials. 


Applications include medical devices, fiber optics and related components, analytical chemistry (GC, CE) and spectroscopy.  In particular, we have extensive experience in coupling and delivering high power laser energy into and out of optical fiber.  With 25 patents and more pending, we define the cutting edge of technology in the design and realization of unique solutions.


A list of past projects and devices is too extensive for this page but we have likely experienced something similar to your current project.  We can provide manufacturing development from single piece proof-of-concept to multiple thousands of parts per month.  Contact us with your needs or designs and we will develop a rapid, robust solution.


Intellectual Property

IQ currently has the license to use over 25 patents. For the complete and current list, click here

Intellectual Property


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